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"Mission (Actually) Accomplished!" We are retiring. Good luck with the search for a successor.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Word from the board....

....he's got the wrong date on his resignation letter.

It appears Mr. Wolfowitz has drafted his resignation letter but it has the wrong date. It seems he has dated the resignation letter mid June. Apparently he believes this will give him time for that nasty cloud to shift. The Board is not at all impressed.

"The letter should obviously be dated today, May 17. Can he not even date a letter correctly?" asked one board member in despair.

Robert Bennett, Wolfowitz's lawyer said yesterday that "Mr. Wolfowitz will not resign under this cloud". It's not a cloud, it's a maelstrom.

Word is that the Board is looking at a list of possible acting presidents to take over once Wolfowitz goes. The candidates for filling those shoes, hopefully wearing better socks, include Graeme Wheeler, Lars Thunell, and Vincenzo la Via. Juan Jose Daboub is not on the list. Strange.


rickyr1983 said...

Wolfowitz's time seems to be finally running out. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting analysis of the Woflie scandal:


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