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"Mission (Actually) Accomplished!" We are retiring. Good luck with the search for a successor.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Night and Good Luck

Mission accomplished, we are retiring www.wolfowitzresign.com and the Real World Bank News. Unlike like some people, we know when it is time to go.

The website will stay active indefinitely. You can still reach us by email at wolfowitzresign@gmail.com. Enjoy browsing the treasures of the archive.

The website has been a huge success, we note modestly. We received thousands of visitors from 101 countries, browsing in 35 languages, and we are still top of the list in Google's search engine. No mean feat for a bunch of "renegade Bank staffers", see Business Week.

We would like to thank the good people of www.avaaz.org for the YouTube video " The Bank", which brought much needed laughter to so many -- 80,000 views at last count.

Our new best friends at Government Accountability Project (GAP) www.whistleblower.org and www.worldbankpresident.org will keep you informed and up to date on the search for a successor. They will also be delving into the misdeeds of the remaining "infamous five".

The infamous five are of course, Robin "Rottweiller" Cleveland (is she still here?), Suzanne "Augean stables" Rich Folsom, Juan Jose "say-a-novena-for-me" Daboub, Ana "where's my lithium?" Palacio, and Karl "how far under this radar can I limbo?" Jackson.

There is so much dirt on all of these miscreants it is hard to know where to start. So we leave it to you. Two down, Five to Go!

Good Night and Good Luck

Friday, May 18, 2007

Feedback from staff to Wolfowitz letter

Reuters: Wolfowitz trims daily role, plans staff outreach

Eds note: His letter works best if you play a laughter track in the background

  • Flooded with phone calls? You? May be calls from Cheney and Bush and Riza and Palacio and Daboub and INT and Robin and Kevin. Bring them all to Africa, on your way - all of you.
  • PW deserves the same amount of respect he demonstrates toward the Bank.
  • please don't go to africa. respect our continent.
  • PW's letter - as usual - lacks sense of reality.
  • I hope this is going to be the last letter I have to read from him. Flooded with phone calls? Give me a break!.
  • PW, you have no dignity. No sense of reality. Go away! ...
  • PW: STOP THE NONSENSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Please just leave. You can take all your loyal employees with you. Who are you kidding??
  • six weeks to meet with and thank his supporters?????
  • PW must be truly out of his mind. Why doesn't he just leave? Does he really think he can still travel around representing the WB? Where is his sense for reality?
  • Who will staff an Africa trip? Is he going to take his loyal staff on a trip with him? We would recommend Robin Cleveland, Ana Palacio, Suzanne Rich Folsom, Juan Jose Daboub, and Karl Jackson.

Wolfowitz Letter to Board

Management is in charge. I may make a trip to Africa.

In a letter to the Board this afternoon Wolfowitz outlined his transition plans:

"I am confident the board sessions can be handled well by the Managing Director with the relevant portfolio. I believe they can manage most requests for outside meetings. On policy matters I would defer to the appropriate MD or Vice President."

"I may make a farewell trip to Africa at the request of a number of leaders but would consult with you (Board) before making any plans."

"I do not plan to continue routine briefings. I have no expectation of being involved in personnel actions."

"The most important assignment I feel I have ahead is to take the time to meet individually with staff who have been so loyal and effective in fulfilling the Bank's mission. I owe them my personal thanks and appreciation." See comment for full letter.

Transparency International Calls on Bank to Strengthen Integrity

Berlin, 18 May 2007 - The departure of Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank opens the door to new leadership to take the Bank and its vital Governance and Anti-corruption Strategy forward. Implementation of the strategy is critical if the Bank is to fulfil its mission of reducing poverty.

Senior Management Messages to World Bank Staff

Sr. VP Marwan Muasher to EXT Staff -
We must look ahead. As the communications professionals of the Bank we have a critical role beginning right now -- in promoting our internal healing and re-establishing the Bank's reputation with our external stakeholders. Let us focus on these tasks. The Bank's strong values and principles remain as firm as ever.

VP Jim Adams to East Asia Pacific Staff-
I hope now we can refocus all our efforts on the considerable development challenges that our region continues to face. This is the work that matters to the people of our region and it is the work that I am sure you want the Bank to be known for. I am committed to working with you to underline the Bank’s good name in this region and I trust that you will join me in that mission in the weeks and months ahead.

VP Shigeo Katsu to Europe and Central Asia Staff-
As we move forward, we need to continue to work together to rebuild faith in our institution among partners and stakeholders throughout ECA and restore the trust that is essential to our business. To do this, I need your continuing help in showing what the World Bank is all about and redoubled efforts in helping our clients achieve a better life for their citizens. Let’s focus all our energies now on serving our clients.

VP Joy Phumaphi to Human Development Staff-
So, let us gather our thoughts, and remind ourselves again of why we care so passionately about the work we do. Let us remind ourselves of the 77 million young boys and girls, children who yearn to go to primary school but cannot get past the front door of the classroom; the millions of others who are malnourished and stunted; and the many men and women who live hand-to-mouth in their old age because they have no pensions or savings to live on in their final years; these are the many sides of poverty and inequality that we care about so passionately.

Chief Economist & Sr. VP Francois Bourguignon to Development Economics Staff-
Yesterday's Board decision comes as a relief, even though its presentation tends to hide the real nature of the crisis which has just been, at last, resolved. The Bank can now move toward what will be the next steps, which include a very challenging presidential transition. It will be important to make sure that the Bank can function effectively as soon as possible. This involves restoring the trust and credibility of the Bank in all of its activities.

VP Daniela Gressani to Middle East/ North Africa Staff-
I hope that we can all work together to repair the damage that our institution has suffered through this controversy. This will require that we restore and rebuild trust and confidence, among us staff and with our clients and partners. These are large challenges but I am confident that building on our greatest asset -- our mutual respect -- we can overcome the present difficulties and deliver on our mission.

VP Danny Leipziger to Poverty Reduction & Economic Management Staff-
For this reason, I am confident that we will overcome this crisis, drawing upon your professionalism and commitment to the goals of the Bank. This will need to be accompanied both by a process of internal healing as well as by actions to address critical management issues that have arisen. I hope to work with others in senior management to try and restore internal governance.

VP Pamela Cox to Latin America/ Caribbean Staff-
With your determination, I am confident that we will be able to turn the crisis into an opportunity to regain the trust of all our stakeholders through our words and deeds, ensuring that the Bank and the LAC region emerge from this crisis a stronger and more effective development partner. This will take time, effort and active listening to the voices outside and inside the institution. Good governance begins at home and we know that in order to promote good policies abroad we will need to build a more inclusive, transparent and accountable institution.

Executive VP Lars Thunell to IFC Staff-
I would like to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism during these recent weeks. This has been a difficult time for all of us as the Board works through its process concerning Bank leadership. With the end of the fiscal year in sight, our work program is well on track, and that is due to your efforts. I am personally grateful that you have kept your focus on our clients and our mission to create opportunities and improve lives.

VP Praful Patel to South Asia Staff-
I know you all care deeply about what has been happening and while many of you have followed the very public unfolding of this crisis, I know that at the same time you have maintained a strong delivery of the region's important work. This dual focus has left us all feeling stretched and a little exhausted but I do want to thank you for persisting with the work you care about so much.

See comment for full statements.

Staff Comments on Wolfowitz Resignation

Reuters Reaction to Wolfowitz's Resignation

"I think it creates a great opportunity for us to open up a fair and transparent process for the selection of the next president. We're relieved the situation is over," said Caroline Kende-Robb, Sector Manager Social Development.

"I just returned yesterday from a mission in West Africa where I was beginning to feel most acutely the impact of the crisis ... in terms of the legitimacy we have in advocating good governance. We've got a job to do now in rebuilding our credibility on those issues, and it's going to be easier now that Wolfowitz is gone," said Daniel Owen, Coordinator of Community-Driven Development in Social Development Department.

News Round Up, The Afterglow

New York Times- Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank
Washington Post- Ending Battle, Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank
Financial Times- Wolfowitz steps down as World Bank president
Wall Street Journal- Wolfowitz quits World Bank as U.S. relents

Ten things Wolfowitz could do while on administrative leave

  1. Go to charm school, sort out that potty mouth problem.
  2. Learn to knit socks. We know you need new ones. check out Socks 101
  3. Foundation for the Future are looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. We know you are good at numbers, especially large round numbers, and the position is based in Beirut, so Shaha could come too. Perfect, hey?
  4. Get rid of that cloud that has you so preoccupied. Learn more about cloud seeding and really make it rain. (see comment for more)

Blue Ribbons Became Attire Of Their Ire

Washington Post

Could it have been the blue ribbons? Style filters down, babe.

"The ribbons were intended to be a constructive act by the staff to show support for a common goal, which is good governance," says Alison Cave, head of the World Bank Staff Association.

"The staff needed a challenge," said Morallina Fanwar George, former staff association chairman and ribbon organizer. "They needed something productive." (Later, Wolfowitz himself was seen wearing a blue ribbon around the office, which he claimed -- wait for it -- was a symbol of malaria awareness.) By close of business yesterday, the blue ribbons had become a new symbol -- of victory."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Staff Association Response to Resignation

May 17, 2007 -- We ask the Board to ensure that between now and June 30th, the following measures are implemented immediately:

  • Place Mr. Wolfowitz on Administrative Leave.
  • Appoint an acting-President to manage the institution and to make day-to-day decisions.
  • Follow Bank procedures regarding protection of documents, records, access to electronic files, and all Bank resources.
World Bank Group Staff Association Executive Committee.
See comment for full statement.

Who will be acting...?

"The Board will start the nomination process for a new President immediately" Board statement.

FT Wolfowitz bows to pressure and quits World Bank
Washington Post Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank
New York Times Wolfowitz to Leave the World Bank
Globe and Mail Wolfowitz to resign from World Bank

Wolfowitz has resigned. It is official. His scheduled date of departure is June 30, 2007. The Board will begin discussing interim arrangements tomorrow morning.

The first order of business will be selection of an acting president. Most likely candidates are Graeme Wheeler, Managing Director, Vincenzo LaVia, Chief Financial Officer, or Lars Thunell head of IFC.

Board sources say Wolfowitz will begin his new role at Foundation for the Future on Monday. Apparently they are looking for a chief financial officer.

Obviously he will not be coming to the office. Word is he will be on administrative leave.

Plans for the dismissal of Robin Cleveland, Suzanne Rich Folsom, Juan Jose Daboub, Ana Palacio, and Karl Jackson are also being discussed.

Wolfowitz Resigns. It is official

Statement of Executive Directors

The Executive Directors acknowledge Mr. Wolfowitz’s decision to resign as President of the World Bank Group, effective end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2007). The Board will start the nomination process for a new President immediately.

Statement of Paul Wolfowitz

I have concluded that it is in the best interests of those whom this institution serves for that mission to be carried forward under new leadership. Therefore, I am announcing today that I will resign as President of the World Bank Group effective at the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2007). See comment for full statement.

Word from the staff....

....we urge the Board to reach (a decision) today ....

Staff Association Update
May 17, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

The staff of the World Bank have waited, patiently and sometimes impatiently, while the Board has conducted its inquiry into matters relating to the President. We have allowed space for due process and time for all of the facts to come out. These facts, as reflected in the Ad Hoc Group's report and Mr. Wolfowitz's responses, are clear. The outcome should not be in doubt.
See comment for entire letter.

Word from the board....

....he's got the wrong date on his resignation letter.

It appears Mr. Wolfowitz has drafted his resignation letter but it has the wrong date. It seems he has dated the resignation letter mid June. Apparently he believes this will give him time for that nasty cloud to shift. The Board is not at all impressed.

"The letter should obviously be dated today, May 17. Can he not even date a letter correctly?" asked one board member in despair.

Robert Bennett, Wolfowitz's lawyer said yesterday that "Mr. Wolfowitz will not resign under this cloud". It's not a cloud, it's a maelstrom.

Word is that the Board is looking at a list of possible acting presidents to take over once Wolfowitz goes. The candidates for filling those shoes, hopefully wearing better socks, include Graeme Wheeler, Lars Thunell, and Vincenzo la Via. Juan Jose Daboub is not on the list. Strange.