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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our favorite pieces from the report...... f**k you

The report issued by the Bank's Board this week shows clearly that Paul Wolfowitz intentionally abused his office for the benefit of his girlfriend and then attempted to cover up his actions. His claims of acting in good faith and "making a mistake" don't jibe with what the ad hoc group found. Here is a round up of some of our favorite pieces....

Wolfowitz knew that it was outside the rules.
Mr. Coll (head of human resources): I raised the issues that these were outside the Staff Rules on several occasions. And given the fact that they were outside the Rules, I requested that the instructions were written (annex 10, pg 39, lines 14-18). Mr Coll: There is no doubt that the President knew or had been made aware of by me that this was outside the Rules (annex 10, pg 41, lines 15-17).

Wolfowitz actively sought to conceal the terms of the arrangement.
[A] decision by was taken by Wolfowitz not to consult the World Bank General Counsel or any other member of the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency.

The Group also finds that Mr. Wolfowitz not only took this decision, but that he directed his Vice President for Human Resources, Mr. Coll, not to consult with Mr. Danino or anyone else in the Legal Vice Presidency despite Mr. Coll's expressed desire to do so (main report pg 35, para 98).

The idea that the General Counsel could not advise both the Ethics Committee and the President defies logic, as the Ethics Committee and the President share the same interest which is to protect the institution from legal and reputational harm (main report pg 36, para 100).

Wolfowitz threatened retaliation.
Mr. Coll: And he also told me that, in no uncertain terms, that--to tell friends, people like Shengman, Rathbani [ph.] and Jerry Rice to get out of his way and stop attacking him. And he asked me to tell my friends to stop doing that. And he also stated very clearly that if these people fuck with me or Shaha. I have enough on them to fuck them, too. Those were the words (annex 10, pg 68, lines 17-22 & pg 69, lines 1-2).

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