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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Job For Wolfie - Ambassador to Iraq?

FT, Letter May 16 2007- Send Wolfowitz to Iraq
"It is a country Mr Wolfowitz knows well. He helped to destroy it; so now let him rebuild it. Since his girlfriend is an expert on Iraq, she could go along too." - Eugene Versluysen


Porter Melmoth said...

A darned sensible suggestion! Send him to the fate he himself designed!

Those who talk by the sword shall die by the sword.

Paul is the epitome of Neo-Con Bushistic corruption. We all know what he is, but the tolerance of those surrounding him, who let him and his type continue to inflict themselves on the world, is contemptible. World Bank: FIRE HIS ASS - NOW! Don't worry about the consequences. Paul will spend the rest of his life flailing about with lawsuits, trying to 'vindicate' himself. Let him! Ego is what these people are all about.

Anonymous said...

One better: Since he maintained that he can do so much for the WB and clean-up corruption, he can get a demotion and be the CD for Iraq. Cleveland has already "cleared" that it is feasible to have an office in Baghdad.

Word of caution: Even the US soldiers do not feel safe in the GREEN ZONE. The cost for his security details will increase by 10.

Anonymous said...

Wait.... who says he gets Bank money for security in his Baghdad office?

He can pay for his own security.

As a Country Director, he is not entitled to receive a security detail since there is no need for it.

Besides, his Presidency certified the country to be safe to operate in.... no way... no security.

Let him be defended by peace loving, democratic Iraqis.

Porter Melmoth said...

Thus, Paul will no doubt have job security. For the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

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