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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wolfowitz offered numerous opportunities to make case

World Bank Executive Directors demonstrate extent of due process, issue update, chronology

Washington DC, May 10, 2007 - The statement below was issued late yesterday by the World Bank Board of Executive Directors.

The statement provides an update on the investigation into wrong doing by World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz. The lengthy and extensive due diligence demonstrated by the Board are detailed in the chronology. Likewise the numerous opportunities afforded Mr. Wolfowitz to respond and explain his actions are outlined below.

Mr. Wolfowitz has been offered another opportunity to present to the Board on Tuesday May, 15.

Link to Statement from the Executive Directors


Anonymous said...

This statenent proves that PW has more than enough opportunities to present his case. In fact, he has been given more than INT would allow an ordinary staff member in one of their investigations.....

Clean Up The World Bank said...

PW you have had your opportunities my friend, just accept your fate.

Anonymous said...

Since the Japanese are still supporting PW, might it be an idea that they give him assistance in defending his post?

The following items would seem to be in order.

- Hakamachi (head band) with 'must win' written on it.

- A Katana sword

- A Tanto dagger

- A copy of the Bushido code

- Highlight on the section on seppuku

If Mr. Makoto Hosomi were a real friend of PW, he would offer to perform Kaishakunin

The question is, what would the Ronin do afterwards?

Anonymous said...

Wolfie must do the right thing: He should propose to Shaha and marry her according to strict Jewish traditions and ceremony. This is the least he can do, it is his moral obligation under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

If Woofie is to adhere to strict Jewish tradition, will he have to wash her with sand 7 times every time he touch her? And wash himself 7 times with sand afterwards?

Oy Ye

Anonymous said...

Why don't the ad hoc committee give PW until noon Monday for his response?

That way, there can be no doubt that they bent over backwards to be fair.

It will also give Paulson more time to come up with Plan B and sell it to the White house.

Anonymous said...

He's not loved in Seattle:


Anonymous said...

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