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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ana Palacio moving on already.....?

Ana Palacio signed a letter published in yesterday's International Herald Tribune as "former foreign minister of Spain", not in her current capacity as World Bank General Counsel.

Why Ana? Are you planning on moving on from the Bank soon? (say it ain't so!). The letter was addressed to "the Turkish people from their European friends" on the topic of EU accession. Do the Turks really need a friend like you, Ana?


Anonymous said...

Isn't that against the WB rules? She is still an employee of the bank and drawing a salary?
Or is she another "arrogant" political appointee who does not care about the code of conduct?

Anonymous said...

Let her have the pleasure of taking a long walk on a short pier.

Anonymous said...

The document she signed is a political document, which clearly violates Bank rules about staff participating in such activities.

Should we send this to INT and let Suzanne deal with it?

Just think... if she doesn't deal with it, there will be more cause to send Suzanne on her way.

Anonymous said...

She will be OUT any way. Her protector is not around anymore. What goes around comes around?
Adios Senora.

Anonymous said...

The Turkish people definetely do not need any advice from her. If she has any brain, she should use it to help herself.

Anonymous said...

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