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"Mission (Actually) Accomplished!" We are retiring. Good luck with the search for a successor.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Board reconvenes

The Board resumed its deliberations at 2 pm today after a short break for lunch. It was not clear what the subject of its deliberations would be for the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

This is all quite unfair. The report of the experts against Wolfowitz acuses him of not being aware of the Staff Rules and Code of Conduct.

Not only are these thousands of pages long each, no staff member of the Bank has ever read them! If the rules were to be applied as zealously to every staff member and mamanger decision, half of them would loose their job.

Ultimately things work by convention, and if the ethics committee gives the go ahead, ahead you go. Period.

The ad hoc groups shold have also investigated the actions of ethics committee.

Frankly, this is all a political manouver by disaffected staff who did not want changes to status quo. Pathetic.

I think it will stop short if Bush threatens to nominate John Bolton as successor.

Former staff said...

The first commentator obviously does not have a number of facts. Each staff receives a summary of the SRs and other
rules to guide him/her when starting at the Bank. Resources for providing clarifications, if in doubt, are also provided (both online and people).

That also applied to PW: he signed a contract with clear instructions on who to call for counsel and other issues (ie. ethical - see earlier blog for a copy of his contract).

Never heard of ANYONE signing off an ~$400k contract without reading what's in there - but maybe you do? P-l-l-e-e-a-s-e!

Bring John B on. That'll be the best way to ensure a new process to truly nominate the next President on merit - once the rest of the world hear of that.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, let's try to not read the section on misconduct regarding SR.

Then look at the report's sections on misconduct during the investigation.

There is enough there to fire PW.

Anonymous said...