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Monday, April 16, 2007

High Noon - Wolfowitz Pack Your Bags!

Today, Wednesday, outside the World Bank.

Missed the opportunity to participate in last Saturday's action in front of the World Bank, calling for the dismissal of Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz? Feel up to another fun event, connecting US interests to the policies of the World Bank?

Then read on...

Code Pink, the 50 Years Is Enough Network and other local organizers will be doing an action in front of the World Bank tomorrow at noon. Organized at the last minute, this action will take advantage of Wolfowitz's current scandal to call for his resignation, greater transparency, and reparations for damage done.

What: Join us for guerrilla theater, singing, in front of the World Bank Building.
Theme: "Wolfowitz Pack Your Bags!" We will be rolling around suitcases. Enlarged bagage tags will hold slogans.
When: TODAY, April 18 @ noon.
Where: Gather at Murrow Park opposite the Bank's Main Complex (18th and H)

PS. If you have a suitcase, please roll it along to the action!
For questions, feel free to contact Ruth Castel-Branco at 202 IMF BANK (463 2265).


Anonymous said...

Cripes, why are they doing this? Code Pink is going to make it a left-right issue instead of an ethics issue. That will get the right all riled up and they'll say it's partisan targetting. Just the sight of Code Pink makes them hysterical. If the Hitchens right can make this a left-right issue, all the questions about ethics will go out the garbage. If Code Pink must do this, at least let them be dignified, don't give the right any ammunition to use as a smokescreen for the issue. No naked boobs, no extremely ugly tasteless people. Doing that will give the Wolfie's friends their reason to claim that Wolf was railroaded by the left instead of his own bonafide corruption and self-dealing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the under the covers work that Riza did for Wolfie all these years meet the Bank's standards for transparency?

At least, while she is naked...

Wonder if she told a story a nite.... for 1001 nites?

Anonymous said...

Did Wolfowitz arrange for CPA contracts to be given to Riza?

That is a totally different fund from the SAIC contract which is at least subject to Congressional oversight.

Much of the CPA funds have been spent without being audited.

Somebody needs to take a look.

Anonymous said...

Code Pink is organizing a protest in front of the Bank today? ---I think while it is important for the Bank staff to organize an action internally or outside their buildings and write a signed petition supporting Graeme Wheeler's demand that Wolfowitz resign, it is also IMPORTANT for the staff to STAY AWAY from this--Code Pink demonstration and antics. Viewed as such by mainstream America and other parts of the World. I think it was the kiss and embrace of death for legitimate causes in the recent past such as Cindy Sheehan and many other legitmate causes.

The Actions that need to be taken need to be organized by the SA and the staff. This is our business and we are handling it just perfectly.

Code Pink plays entirely exactly into the hands of people who want to show every opposition as being some big tent for wackos.

Anonymous said...

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