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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ana Palacio, World Bank General Counsel - Tell What You Know

Inter Press Service News Agency - Apr 13 2007
Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers

Ana is alleged to have acted improperly when she worked for the Bank as a consultant while still being a member of the Spanish government. The Ethics Officer who brought Ana’s attention to the conflict has been forced out of the Bank. Ana is also accused of causing a conflict of interest by taking control of the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct and the Mediation Office. The conflict lies in the fact that in a dispute the General Counsel represents the interests of the Bank, while the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct, and the Mediation Office, represent staff. There are also allegations around the process by which Ana was hired See Irregular Recruitments and she is in the headlines as hers was one of the three Jobs for the Coalition of the Willing. Who has more on Ana? It’s time to speak up.


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Long article but an eye-opener on Opus Dei and the Spaniards
"Other prominent Opus supporters include Spain's state prosecutor, Jesus Cardenal, the former police chief, Juan Cotino, and three former ministers, Isabel Tocino, Jose Manuel Romay and Loyola de Palacio, who is now a European commissioner. Spain's deeply Catholic foreign minister, Ana Palacio, is attending today's ceremony in Rome. Aznar sent two of his children to Opus schools and his wife Ana Botella is openly sympathetic. They share conservative, traditionalist views and oppose progressive ideas."

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"After meeting with Wolfowitz on April 12, 2007, the board spent the day considering the report of a committee investigating his actions and considering his future. One bank source said that Ana Palacio, the former Spanish foreign minister Wolfowitz appointed as general counsel after her predecessor resigned in late 2005 over the Riza issue, was asked to leave the room during the panel's deliberations."

Why was she asked to leave? Is it because she is a good buddy of Riza and has a 'close Chemistry" with Wolfie ( his phrase not mine :-) )

Anonymous said...

Me again!
Before she became General Counsel:
Ana Palacio is currently member of the Spanish Parliament, where she chairs the Joint Committee of the two Houses for European Affairs. She served as Foreign Minister under Prime Minister José María Aznar (2002-2004). During her tenure as Foreign Minister, Ana Palacio focused on three priority policy areas: The European construction (she was member of the European convention and the Convention’s Praesidum); strengthening transatlantic relations with the Americas and with the United States in particular; the fight against terrorism and strengthening EU ties with the Mediterranean and the Middle East. As member of the European Parliament during the 4th (1994-1999) and 5th (1999-2002) legislatures, she chaired the Legal Affairs and Internal Market Committee and the Justice and Home Affairs Committee as well as the Conference of Committee Chairmen, the Parliament’s most senior body for the coordination of its legislative work. She has held the most senior positions (First Vice President and President elect) in the governing body of European lawyers (CCBE), and the Academy of European Law (ERA).

She currently works as a consultant for the World Bank reporting for the Presidency on the High Level Commission for Legal Empowerment of the Poor. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, as well as member of the board of different institutions, among others: IAB of the Council on Foreign Relations, IE, FAES, FRIDE, and CSIS Initiative for Renewed Transatlantic Partnership, Transatlantic Policy Network (TNP) Advisory Committee. She holds degrees in Law, Political Science and Sociology. Her performance in her studies merited the Award for Academic Achievement by the Complutense University (Spain).

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PEARL said...

THE PERSON HOLDING THE PLACARD IS ME - SHIRIN SHIRIN - AND I DO NOT WORK FOR THE WORLD BANK. The protest was organized by 50 Years is Enough: US Network for Global Economic Justice and Friends of the Congo. The World Bank staff were not among the organizers although some of them may have been present there.

I am a journalist myself and I'm going to take strict action against this blog if the caption of the photo is not changed. I fully support the drive to remove Wolfowitz from office but I DO NOT work for the World Bank and I firmly believe that it is a deplorable institution. I take it as a personal insult to be called a World Bank staff. Furthermore, if the staff is so angry at Wolfowitz on moral grounds then why don't they shopw courage and protest openly rather than literally using the pictures of activists like me to further their cause. Shame!!


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