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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Document dispute at center of Wolfowitz case

New York Times
April 29 2007

WASHINGTON, April 28 — Arriving as president of the World Bank in the summer of 2005, Paul D. Wolfowitz told colleagues that he was eager to tackle poverty in Africa and corruption in aid. But almost immediately he became consumed by frustrating negotiations with bank officials over the status of his companion, an employee at the bank, documents released this month show...

Some time in the coming week, the 24-member board may ask for Mr. Wolfowitz’s resignation, declare a loss of confidence in his leadership or do nothing in the hope that negotiations with the Bush administration can bring about a voluntary resignation. Few doubt the board’s determination to push him out.


Anonymous said...

They're down on him at the Vancouver Sun:


And oh, here's a takedown of Ruth Wedgwood that's one for the history books:


Anonymous said...

Should this case really be about Sexual Harassment at the World Bank?

Is this case just about Riza?

Take a look at Wolfowitz's past history: He was accused of sleeping with an SAIS staff member by his wife which resulted in their separation and complaints to the White House about him being a security risk.

Now we know he was romantically involved with Riza while he was at DoD and arranged for her to be compensated via a contract at SAIC at first, and later, through the Rizagate raises, promotions, and secondment to a job where she essentially have to do nothing for her pay.

Then we see him very close to Robin Cleveland, Ana Palacio, and Susanne Folsom.

Two of these women were bold enough to barge in on a ED meeting with Wolfowitz and demand to be present when they are clearly not welcome.

Robin Cleveland most likely forged a email document (the one marked 'draft') for Wolfowitz.

She also happen to be a constant companion of Wolfowitz on trips where her contribution to the Bank's legitimate work on those trips is at best, questionable.

Is there a romantic link between Wolfowitz and the essentially unqualified women he hires / promotes to high profile jobs?

Is he using the Bank as his private cookie jar to reward his harem?

Is Riza the only one? Or are there many others?

How many more women out there that work for the Bank (directly or indirectly) have Wolfowitz propositioned? Harassed? Given favors to?

Certainly the word is out at the bank is the fastest way to a promotion there is to sleep with Wolfowitz (if you are a woman he might fancy).

Has there been previous complaints (either formally filed or not) against Wolfowitz at SAIS? DoD? and the Bank?

Somebody needs to speak up, Wolfowitz has hired one of the best sexual harassment lawyers in town for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Githongo Calls on Wolfowitz to Resign

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Asserting that Western admonitions about corruption to Africa and other developing regions are undermined by the misbehaviour of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, Kenya’s former permanent secretary for ethics and governance, Dr. John Githongo, has called on Wolfowitz to resign his post.

“Corruption in Western capitals and in international financial institutions can do little but fuel the cynicism of corrupt officials in Africa and elsewhere,” said Githongo in a statement prepared for the news media. “When Paul Wolfowitz uses his influence as a US Government official and as president of the World Bank to fill the purse of his paramour (and, by inference, to line his own pockets as well), one can hear the cackling from state houses and presidential palaces all across Africa.”

Githongo said: “Paul Wolfowitz should resign now, before his poor example and bad judgment are emulated by petty dictators and venal middle managers throughout the developing world.”

He added: “Wolfowitz, of all people, should know better than to use his office for enrichment. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Since being forced into exile by a hostile political climate in his native Kenya, John Githongo has been a fellow at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. In February, he accepted an appointment at Queen’s University in Ontario as a research fellow at the International Development Research Centre, where he is collaborating on a major research initiative on Ethnicity and Democratic Governance.

For further information, contact John Githongo at jgithongo@worldbank.org.